Building Complex P5

Location: Mārupe, LatviaYear: 2014 - 2015Project Team: Rita Laudere, Kārlis LaudersStructural Design: Jēkabs Januševskis, Kaspars KurtišsPhoto: Māris Lagzdiņš

Sauna House, Shed and Extension to the Existing Private House in Mārupe

The buildings are located throughout the plot with regard to the surrounding landscape, trees and hills. In determining the location of the new buildings, the placement of the residential house was taken into account, as it provides the main view and the footpaths leading to the new buildings set out from there. Since the territory is very large, the pre-existing residential house and the two new buildings create a more closed, intimate sense – like that of a courtyard. The wooden frames on each end accentuate the horizontal aspect of the design and help to harmonise the buildings with the landscape.

Sauna House and Shed


Extension to the Existing Building