Cesis Space Exploration Center

Competition in 2017Location: Latvia, CēsisCompetition Team:Lauder Architects: Rita Laudere, Kārlis Lauders, Valdis Linde, Harijs Vucens, Anna Līva Traumane, Betija Balode, Viesturs Dille, Alvis PetrovskisALPS: Ilze Rukšāne, Marc Geldof, Evita Alle, Mētra Augškāpa, Māris BušsCMB: Maija Krizmane, Laura Gleizde, Arvids LeimanisAcitektura: Ainārs Cikanovičs

1st prize in competition of Cēsis Space Exploration Center

The concept of the Space Cognitive Center is based on three equally important basic principles:

- To create a building that corresponds to the function and location, which together with the well-maintained surrounding area would create a new anchorage for attracting people and investment.

- To create functional internal spatial structure and semantically accurate architectural character at the same time being in accordance with passive building standards.

- Logically adjust the surrounding infrastructure flows and create a landscape architecture that matches the image of the center.