DEMO Flat in V26

Year: 2017 - 2018Location: Latvia, Riga, Vesetas Street 26Project Team: Rita Laudere, Kārlis Lauders, Harijs Vucens, Alvis PetrovskisCarpenter: Kampenuss FurnitureCurtains and bed linen: Baudi DesignPhotographer: Mārcis Baltskars

In architecture and interior design we are aiming for harmony of environment, function and aesthetics. When working on an interior design for apartment, we are guided by our feeling and the scenario we want to create for the particular living space and people.

We picture a dweller of 26 VESETAS as an individual highly appreciating creativity and quality time spent with oneself. He/she chooses the living space according to his/her values, and it should be an inspiring place for work as well as should allow the mind to rest.

Functionality in the interior design of 26 VESETAS means "nothing in excess", that is, quality and well-considered space for a creative spirit.