Holiday House near Daugava

Location: LatviaYear: 2016Project Team: Rita Laudere, Valdis Linde, Kārlis Lauders3D graphics: Viesturs Dille

Complex of buildings on the bank of the River Daugava is made up of simple and clear forms representative of local architectural characteristics. The residential building and sauna form a traditional and enclosed inner courtyard - facing southwest and the scenic Daugava River. Furthermore, it is possible to complement the complex with new buildings in the future, continuing the existing concept of the territory. Buildings are characterized by a very compact, but functional layout, in spatially completed volumes including all the necessary outdoor spaces - covered canopies and terraces. The modern, detailed and nuanced use of traditional decorative materials makes the complex of buildings belong to the present day.

house 1st and 2nd floor plans

sauna 1st and 2nd floor plans