House SO5

Location: LatviaYear: 2017 - building in processProject Team: Rita Laudere, Valdis Linde, Harijs Vucens, Kārlis Lauders, Raimonds Riekstiņš3D graphics: Harijs Vucens, Viesturs Dille

The specifics of the intricate corner of the plot of land and the nature of the surrounding area are the basis of the concept of a residential building. Different functions of the building are arranged in different volumes, thus not only disrupting the large size of the building but also creating partially and completely private spaces for family everyday life. Indoor space can serve as a whole entity to include outdoors, expanding the variety of home use scenarios. An integral part of the house is an adjacent sauna - the two buildings together form the main courtyard, where it is possible to host both private and social events. Dark and simple materialistic value gives definition to the single-storey volume while defining them as inconspicuous players in the existing landscape.