IF company

Year: 2021-2023
Location: Riga, Latvia
m2 3830
Project Team: Rita Laudere, Zane Bernāne, Betija Balode, Alise Leite, Santa Dombrovska, Paula Anna Ķēbere, Visturs Dille
Photos: Alvis Rozenbergs

Interior design for IF Apdrošināšana in the Center of Riga, one of the largest insurance companies in Latvia. Each floor’s in different color tone changes the user experience while maintaining a unified identity. The space features a comfortable kitchen for daily use and gatherings, with a color palette of blue, gray, and natural wood, complemented by various textures and materials. High-quality materials, comfortable furniture design, coziness, and multifunctionality are the key elements for a successful and comfortable modern office environment.

This meeting room features a flexible interior concept with a modular table design that can be easily moved and reconfigured. The lightweight table is equipped with lockable casters for effortless mobility, making it simple to adapt the furniture layout as needed. Integrated technology and durable, easy-to-clean surfaces enhance the functionality and practicality of the space.