IT company in Riga

Year: 2018Location: Riga, LatviaProject Team: Rita Laudere, Ieva Krute, Alvis Petrovskis, Harijs Vucens, Anna Līva TraumanePhoto: ML Studio Māris Lapins

The key interior goal was to create a bold, optimistic and vibrant space that successfully joins two spatially divided working areas. The whole space is built around a distinctive central core - three yellow joining tunnels that allow direct communication between departments. This space fuses a dynamic working environment with the energy of a vibrant interior. All the functions including lounges, kitchen, game room, silent room, and pop-up meeting area are focused in the centre of the space which makes it easily accessible by all the staff. There is a homely atmosphere where members can feel free to work, play and engage. By providing varied breakout areas there are many opportunities created for group and private meetings. Yellow as a dominant colour and natural plants bring warmth and an optimistic feel to this space.