ĶEMERI Nature tourism center

Year: 2017 - in processProject Development Team: Kārlis Lauders, Rita Laudere, Valdis Linde, Raimonds Riekstiņš, Rasa Grāvīte, Daila Elksne, Ieva Krūte, Ieva Kreile, Ansis Zītars, Alvis Petrovskis3D graphics: Viesturs DilleCompetition in 2017Location: Latvia, ĶemeriCompetition Team:Lauder Architects: Rita Laudere, Kārlis Lauders, Valdis Linde, Harijs Vucens, Betija Balode, Anna Līva Traumane, Viesturs Dille, Alvis PetrovskisALPS: Ilze Rukšāne, Marc Geldof, Evita Alle, Māris Bušs, Mētra Augškāpa, Sandra Sarkanbārde, Ieva Dimante, Eva Plaude, Agnese Rukšāne, Simone Riccomi

1st prize in international competition

The nature tourism center and the forest park's territory strengthen the uniqueness and values of the Kemeri National Park, creating a safe and accessible environment for its visitors. Kemeri and its surroundings are rich in natural resources, including especially protected habitats and historical heritage, which is the basis for the creation of a joint ecotourism and training infrastructure. Consequently, a synergy between nature and human-architectural interaction is formed. The concept of the development of the nature tourism center and the park of the forest provides a balanced synthesis of nature and architecture. Nature center building with premises for business promotion, conferences, and events as well as improvement of surrounding grounds is the main emphasis in the territory of the nature center. Whereas in the territory of the forest park, the natural values are highlighted, providing a pathway system through the forest and a small platform for nature observation, integrating a stall and amenities.

An agreement has been reached on the development of a construction project and currently, the tender proposal is being developed with desired changes in the project proposal are being made. In the near future, it is planned to reconcile the construction project for the Nature Tourism Center, as well as work on the development of the forest park.