Kimmel DOERY

Honourable mention in Kimmel Quarter Architectural CompetitionYear: 2018Competition Team: Lauder Architects: Kārlis Lauders, Rita Laudere, Daila Sloka, Harijs Vucens, Anna Līva Traumane, Valdis Linde, Betija Balode, Viesturs Dille, Ansis ZītarsSarma & Norde: Jānis Norde, Ints Meņģelis and othersALPS: Ilze Rukšāne, Marc Geldof, Māris Bušs, Mētra AugškāpaEdijs Vucens, Ernests AustriņšCMB: Maija Krizmane

The Kimmel Quarter as a new, innovative landmark in urban environment, creating for inhabitants an extensively accessible, high quality public outdoor space linked to the surrounding historical city of Riga.

To preserve the patina of historic constructions and to integrate it into contemporary, sustainable architecture.

To Create a functionally effective and semantically appropriate office centre, respecting the context of the surrounding environment.

To ensure an optimum core of the office centre's main entrance and to create convenient functional connections to the other functions envisaged in the quarter.

To create infrastructure, that responds to the new working patterns.

Composition of Courtyards and Volumes
Stabu Street Facade
Valdemāra Street Facade
Bruņinieku Street Facade
Skolas Street Facade
1st floor plan
3rd floor plan
6th and 7th floor plan
Master Plan
Green Urban Fabric - Characterized the Neighborhood thought the last two Centuries