Multi-storey residential building on Krāsotāju 8-10

Competition in 2017Location: Riga, Krāsotāju Street 8-10, LatviaCompetition Team: Rita Laudere, Kārlis Lauders, Valdis Linde, Harijs Vucens, Betija Balode

1st prize in competition of Multi-storey residential building

Individuality - building with personality. A random surprise, colorful moment brings ease and space for creative thinking. The historical patina is encoded in a contemporary, strong landmark. This is how an environment is created in which young and talented people want to live and which gives impetus to the further development of the neighborhood. Residents of Krāsotaju Residence certainly know what they want appreciating the possibilities and quality of living space.

The proposal of the competition is a paraphrase of the adjacent building of the Krasotaju and Lienes Street, which is characterized by distinctly different floor heights. The two-storey wooden buildings adjoin a much higher five-storey masonry building. The variety of level heights in the perspective of the street is very readable and creates a wavy nature of the character of the buildings. The proposal envisages embodying the above characteristics into a modern residential complex.