Private House M9

Location: Mārupe, LatviaYear: 2016 - in processProject Team: Rita Laudere, Valdis Linde, Kārlis Lauders, Harijs Vucens, Alvis Petrovskis3D Graphics: Harijs Vucens

The building M9 is a contemporary Pieriga family home. The simple form and balanced use of finishing materials positively highlight the building within the context of neighborhoods architecture. Closed to the street, the building creates a cozy, residential, semi-enclosed courtyard overlooking the surrounding meadows. On the first floor of the building, there are living and lounge areas closely connected to the outside of the courtyard. The opening above the living room connects it to the second-floor reading room. The second floor is dedicated to the yard facing bedrooms. All children's bedrooms have sunlit balconies overlooking the courtyard.

1st floor plan
2nd floor plan