School Building and Sports Hall in Valga, Estonia

Competition: 2017
Year: 2017 - 2020
Location: Estonia, Valga
Competition Team: Rita Laudere, Kārlis Lauders, Valdis Linde, Harijs Vucens, Betija Balode, Anna Līva Traumane, Alvis Petrovskis, Viesturs Dille
Project Development Team: Lauder Architects: Rita Laudere, Kārlis Lauders, Valdis Linde, Ansis Zītars, Daila Sloka, Ieva Krūte

1st prize in the international competition for the School Building, Sports Hall and landscaping

To solve the complex requirements of the site, bold solutions are deemed necessary. The solution must be feasible and create a new environment for the society. The proposed concept uses a rational, but a daring approach to the development of the existing site while keeping in mind key aspects of sustainability. The new architecture is created in respect to the context, scale and functional character of the surrounding buildings. The existing buildings are integrated into the new design and are accompanied by rational solutions and natural, reusable materials.

Main tasks of the concept:

• Rationalize functional flows of the territory while creating a pleasant and sustainable environment for the people. Provide the necessary parking spaces. Create outstanding indoor-outdoor spaces to accommodate the needs of the Vabaduse School.

• Create a suitable solution for the usage of the sports center, which would have a unified entrance from all sides and would organize the pedestrian flows in the building. Integrate the existing stands into the new architecture thus creating a contemporary image of the new sports center. Respect the nature and scale of the surrounding buildings.

• Create separate paths to the Vabaduse school basement locker-rooms and canteen. Open the interior spaces to the well-equipped courtyard, with the possibility of using it for alternate learning methods. Arrange the new school extension using existing volumes. The new addition completes the corner of Vabaduse and Kungla streets and creates an architecture that would respect the nature and scale of the surrounding buildings while establishing an image of a contemporary school.