Year: 2018-2019
Location: Old Riga, Latvia
Area: 1300m2
Project Team: Rita Laudere, Ieva Krute, Zane Bernāne, Karlis Lauders, Ieva Kreile
Photo: Filips Šmits, Atis Tiltiņš

The Workland workspace providing private offices and coworking spaces is located on two floors in order to preserve this authentic layout of the premises. The spaces take advantage of the rich architectural character. Existing brick walls and historical vaults were exposed and highlighted by the natural light. In addition to that, the concrete load-bearing structures were left raw and ventilation systems unhidden to reflect the openness also in the design. Most of the furniture was custom made in order to gain additional individuality and make spaces memorable while the colors amplify the historical tones and materiality. Wall graphics which were uniquely made just for this space form an integral part of the interior and indirectly encode the Workland Telegraph vision and story.